Ask The Professor

This section of the website is dedicated to questions you have about Bigfoot for Potsie himself! He will answer any question about squatch you have! Please submit a question!

Where do bigfoots keep their spaceships?
Bigfoots keep their spaceships in the bottom of the lakes.

Where do bigfoots go during the winter?
Bigfoots go back to space during the winter, we know this because the water level in the lakes goes down.

Why has no one ever caught a bigfoot?
Because they get zapped up to their space ship when they feel like they are in danger!

Why has there never been a body found?
Because when Bigfoots die, they get zapped back up to their space ship!

Do Bigfoots fart? submitted by Brett
Of course bigfoots fart what you think you are exclusive to the farting business.

Do Bigfoots share their spaceships with other aliens? submitted by ArtGallery.
Bigfoot share their ships with each other as they get moved from different areas. You can also tell when they are on the move because you will see goverment activity,aka millitary.

Hi, I’ve been hearing strange noises out in the woods by my crik. I’m wondering if bigfoot’s can live in criks or do they just keep to still water? My wife is concerned about these noises but she thinks it’s the squaters. Any insight you have wood be much appreciated. submitted by Harry
Bigfoots dont live in the criks. They were fishing. You think you are the only who eats fish. Tell your wife not to worry about the noises because once the squaters do there businesss they will move on.

Professor, In your reply to my previous question you mentioned that the government is involved when the spaceships move the bigfoot around. Does that mean the government knows about these creatures and is involved in some type of cover up? How deep into the government does this go? Does Obama know? submitted by ArtGallery
The Government does know about Bigfoot but only from an exclusive form of the military. Obama does not know nor does any president in the past. Most of them are to stupid to understand the concept of international cooperation with E.T. The military does not help move them around but they track their whereabouts because we are also gaining knowledge about them.

Have the Bigfoot learned our language? submitted by Ryan
Bigfoot does not know our language but they are trying to learn it. We are also trying to learn how they communicate.

February 26, 2019