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Holly S – July 5th 2013
Talked to a Sasquatch near Nevis MN

Donald H – January 6th 2016
There have been sightings in my area ,by our local sheriff ,it was bedding down in his moms garden eating potatoes ,the smell about gagged her,one morning the sheriff was driving down below her house and it was just getting light ,it ran down the hill and up the other side across the road .now I have seen the area that hill is straight up and about 400 yards or more .this area is full of caves Indian burial grounds .i have trouble thinking that Bigfoot is an alien he has been recorded in caves ,back before BC I live in Elgin Kansas

Ryan B – February 27th 2016
I saw a female Bigfoot taking a crap in my yard yesterday and my dog chased it and it made a human alert noise.

February 26, 2019